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I am an African economist, entrepreneur and artist with a multi-cultural background; growing up between the United States of America, Asia and Europe. As a child, I was obsessed with the fashionistas of the 90's and was known as the ''doodler'' with the best calligraphy skills but, I never even thought of taking it further than my Sara Frank notebooks. 

After completing my studies in International Trade, Marketing and Management (BSc) in Spain, I was catapulted into the International Trade and Marketing field; occupying managerial roles as a procurement  and logistics director for several Spanish companies. During this time, I completed specialised courses in the Supply Chain Management and Business Administration (MBA). It was during this time, that I ventured into plastic arts as a form of stress relief which, later became a successful side hustle; participating in individual and collective exhibitions (listed below). 

After 11 years building the foundation of my professional career in Spain and inspired devastating effects of the Ebola Outbreak in 2016, I rounded up the courage to return to my native country to live and work for the first time; in hopes of using my skills and passion to contribute to positive social and economic impact. 

I continued in the logistics field and also, migrated to investment promotion and business development while, continuing to produce my artwork in a different environment,  As, pinned by philosopher Schopenhauer, the transformation of the triumphs and hardships of life into art as a means of self-healing and expression is nurturing to oneself and to others. Memorable experiences and milestones carved the necessary steps needed to create Namonay; observing my artwork transmute itself into bolder, large-scale commissioned artworks and design projects.. 

I consider my art to be  characterised by a blend of traditional African motifs with modern aesthetics, resulting in unique pieces that reflect my personal journey as a business woman longing to connect the dots of her cultural heritage. Through Namonay Art & Designs, I hope to share my passion for art & design with the world and inspire others to embrace their cultural identity, inner voice and talents.

Individual & Collective Exhibitions

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